Transport Layer Security Is Not A Substitute For Virtual Private Networks

The differences between using HTTP & a VPN; credit: 9to5Mac

What is a Virtual Private Network?

Basic explanation of how a VPN works; credit:

What a VPN is Not

VPN warning notice; credit: PrivacyTools

Internet Protocol Acronym Soup

The Open Source Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model or “Stack” consists of 7 unique layers
TLS 1.3, “The most important security protocol on the Internet, delivering superior privacy, security, and performance” (IETF blog)

The Utility of VPNs

Connecting to a Public Wi-Fi (Hotel, Airport, Coffee Shop, Cons)

Typical Man-in-The-Middle (MiTM) Attack; credit:

Transparency & Legislation is Desperately Needed

NordVPN false claim

Setup Your Own VPN Server

Helpful Resources

Un-Helpful FUD Chatterbots

Come on Security pro’s, get your act together. Jeff is clearly disappointed with your FUD-spread factor…



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