Time to Level Up Our Cyber Resiliency Game

Will Ferrell parody of The Matrix as “Larry The Architect;” image courtesy of Gfycat

Still Using Legacy Systems & Internet Protocols From the 1970s

“Dwight” from The Office keeping it real
IPv4 32-bit address; image courtesy of Wikipedia
IPv6 128-bit address; image courtesy of Wikipedia

A Hodgepodge of Technologies

Virtually Unlimited Number of Attack Surfaces

Figure courtesy of BleepingComputer

Software & Firmware Insecurities

Ticking Time Bomb

Perhaps the User is not at Fault?

One Size Never Truly Fits All

We’re Not Hunting Werewolves Here

Operation Blue Falcon

Few Consequences for Foreign Adversaries Who Hack Our Systems

Air-Gapping Critical Infrastructure Systems Isn’t As Good As You Think It Is

Our Information Systems are NOT Cyber Resilient.

A Lack of Scientific Quantitative Data

Narcissism is not limited to the White House

Misguided Focus

Jamie Foxx; image courtesy of WebStagram



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