The Steg Chronicles: Stegware — The Dangerous Combination of Malware & Steganography


Dissecting Stegware [steganography + malware]

HEX editing SCARCRUFT reveals a steg data hiding technique; credit: Virus Bulletin
MITRE ATT&CK Framework information listing for SCARCRUFT; credit
Actual SCARCRUFT stegware image files [WARNING: DO NOT VISIT]; credit: Kaspersky GReAT

Steganography Application Showcase

The USA Network TV show “Mr. Robot” showcased the DeepSound audio steg application; credit
The JHide stego embedding process with the secret message inside of the image was successful
The left image is the original file; right image is the stego file titled “stego_black skull.png” that contains the hidden secret file

20th Century Steganography Throwback

Hexagonal dots on white paper, produced by color laser printer (enlarged, dot diameter about 0.1 mm); credit

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