The Steg Chronicles — In the Beginning

The classic Russian doll is a perfect example of hiding something in plain sight; credit
An ancient form of steganography; credit
Some of the variations of modern steganography, not all methods are listed. Credit
How Least Significant Bit (LSB) digital image steganography works; credit

Current Applications of Steganography

“When pinging the C2 for commands, the malware will be answered with PNG files containing steganographically hidden data, containing directions for the malicious code” (Osborne, 2019, ZDNet).

“Steg” Right Up Into the Spotlight: Introducing <Graphstega>

How Graphstega works to conceal messages; credit
An example of how Graphstega might be employed in the wild; credit

Steganalysis Software Applications

Excerpted selection of Steganalysis products offered by Wetstone Technologies, Inc.



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