The Frugal Hacker: Hacking on a Shoestring Budget

GAFAM — Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft get rich off of your private data; credit

Hacking Tools

Kali Linux runs as a VM via VirtualBox
Regular Nmap scan of Google’s IP address
“I’ll take Cams for Free- Admin/Admin login credentials for free Alex”
Snapshot of a Shodan “admin/admin” camera — This is why you never use default usernames & passwords!!
HackerOne is a good option for Bug Bounty hunters but there are others as well

Beginner-Level IT Security Certifications

CompTIA’s reasonably priced Security+ce certification
CompTIA’s Security+ce Exam Details Catalog Menu is a very useful information resource for any practitioner level
ISC².org certifications are highly respected & valued in the industry

Become a Code Monkey

credit offers a plethora of IT training courses that won’t break the bank
Top 10 websites like Udemy for eLearning

Plenty of Free Information to Read in this Space

Save the [InfoSec] Drama for Your Mama

Pictured: Kenan Thompson of Saturday Night Live (SNL); credit

This is the Part Where I Bid You All Adieu



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