Stop Connecting Shit to the Internet

I grew up in the late 70’ & the early 80s in simpler times when the Internet didn’t exist in its current form
Credit: Douglas MacGregor

Culture of Connectedness

Dystopia Cyberpunk Is Now

Every Device You Own is Spying on You

Home Assistants/Hubs

Smart Hubs for Homes; Credit:
Apple HomePod vs. Google Home vs. Amazon Echo; Credit:

Home Security Systems

DIY Wi-Fi-connected Home Security Systems; Credit: iSmartSafe
Connected door lock; Credit: Kinooze

Smart Thermostats

Smart Refrigerators

Smart Beds

Smart Toaster Ovens

June Oven- “ Wi-Fi so you can connect to the app to watch your food cook, adjust temperature…”; Credit: Gizmodo

Sex Toys (which leads to the next item on the list…)

Remote Control Vibrator; Credit: DHgate
Shodan popular search results for “Live Sex Cams;” Credit:
Hush butt plug was remotely hacked by hackers; Credit: Newsweek

Smart Baby Monitors

Credit: Ars Technica
Credit: Buzzfeed

Medical Devices

Credit: Risk & Insurance

Vacuum Cleaners

Credit: Wirecutter

Smart TVs & Speakers

Video Game Consoles

The Internet-connected Microsoft Xbox One video game console

Driverless Cars (yes, that’s a thing now)

Credit: ZDNet

Smart Cities

Smart cities; Credit: Urenio



Webcams/CCTV cameras

Internet-connected Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera; Credit: The Daily Beast

Printers/Copiers/Fax/Scanners — Multi-Functional Devices


Robotic co-pilot flies and lands a simulated Boeing 737

Weapons Systems

GAO analysis of DoD information

Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems / Critical Infrastructure


More Connected Devices = Greater Attack Surface Area


“I Lost My Phone!! Now What?” or My Favorite, “Oh No, We Lost Internet!! Now What?”

“No Soup For You!” — reference the Seinfeld episode
A good IoT Twitter account to follow



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