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Contact Tracing CounterHack

Look, we all want to see the end of COVID-19 and to be able to resume normal life as soon as possible. At the risk of seeming like Captain obvious, privacy-minded individuals will simply not install any type of contact tracing apps on their smartphones. I know of smartphone owners who have gone to the trouble of deleting all the apps off of their smartphones for privacy reasons. I would recommend if you’re that concerned about privacy to just stick with a basic flip cell phone instead of paying for a smartphone. Remember the Ben Franklin quote above. Those who give up their freedom from spying whether its Big Tech or Big Brother to obtain some measure of temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Once voluntarily given, your privacy will never be voluntarily returned to you by Tech companies or the government. Kiss it goodbye.


TikTok is owned by the Chinese tech company ByteDance; credit: Reuters/Stringer
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Cheap Tech Privacy Hacks for Mobile Devices

  1. Use Signal for encrypted text messaging. Hint: Both you and your text message recipient need to both install and use Signal for the encrypted messages to flow securely.
  2. Use ProtonMail or the K-9 Mail app on your device which is open source and supports use with OpenKeychain’s Easy PGP app for encrypted emails.
  3. Use Telegram for private chat and video messaging. Telegram uses very strong End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) that consists of 2048-bit RSA encryption along with 256-bit symmetric Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. Telegram’s encryption is so solid that several governments have outright banned this app because they couldn’t backdoor the encryption to snoop on their citizens.
  4. Use the Hushed app to create burner phone numbers for instances in which you have to give your phone number out to marketers or send texts, multimedia to someone you don’t necessarily trust. Hushed allows you to manage fake burner phone numbers in one app. It’s not my favorite price — free, but it’s not expensive either.
  5. Use the DuckDuckGo privacy-themed search engine app to search for stuff on the internet from your smartphone or other mobile devices. The DuckDuckGo browser doesn’t log your browsing history or data like Google, Yahoo, or Bing do.

Trust No One. Verify Everything. Leave No Trace.

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