Bypassing Windows User Account Control

TpmInitUACBypass a Windows UAC Bypass Tool

**DISCLAIMER** Before we get too deep into this, as an ethical hacker I am compelled to warn those reading that this information is solely intended to be used in conjunction with sanctioned Red Team activities as part of a contracted service with the permission of the target. When conducting pentesting, always protect yourself with a proper contract that is signed by the target organization allowing you permission to “hack” their organization for pentesting/vulnerability assessment that contains the scope of the operation. Exercise due caution accordingly. Consider yourself warned! Any other use could be illegal.

Typical Windows UAC dialogue message, a.k.a., “Hey there user, whatcha doin’?”
Credit: Microsoft

Windows UAC Bypasses

There are many different ways to gain access to locked things. Credit: Sparrows Lock Picks
Credits: Bleeping Computer




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