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Image of Rami Malek who plays Elliot Alderson in “Mr. Robot” (Left); an Infamous “The System is a Lie” meme (Right)

Obligatory Privacy Rant

  1. Money is a hoax. The monetary ‘system’ on which society is built is completely rigged, one in which the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. For the most part, this is true, apart from the occasional self-made millionaire or lottery winner. But think about the fact that U.S. currency hasn’t been based on gold or silver standard since 1971. Instead, it is based on Federal Reserve Notes, it is fiat money backed by the government. It’s kind of scary to think that if the U.S. government ever fails, the currency could become completely worthless almost overnight. A similar event transpired in Iraq when we overthrew Saddam Hussein. Society places value in material wealth, property, homes, cars, money in the bank, valuables such as gold, silver, and rare stones. Understanding why money is a hoax directly relates to becoming virtually untraceable because you need to know what is important in life. Money is important, don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. However, money isn’t everything and I’d argue that our privacy and human dignity are far more important than any sum of money.
  2. Debt is slavery. However, something else that I have fallen victim to and perhaps you have also is going into debt to afford a better lifestyle by way of credit cards and bank loans. By voluntarily doing this, you are trading your freedom for slavery to debt. This one is extremely difficult, but try your best to live debt-free friends. You’ll thank yourselves later. Promise! Instead of always having what you want now, take the extra time to save the money for whatever it is you want or need. You’ll relish your long-awaited purchase even more so. Being a minimalist, I have some possessions but those things are not what I value most in life. In fact, I make a point of never buying anything flashy. I don’t drive junkers or live in filth, quite the contrary. However, I am never showy as I don’t want the attention that comes with it. I’ve learned to value more important aspects of life such as family, friends, good health, food/drink, learning, writing, and the value of hard work. Just to put things into perspective on a national scale, the U.S. national debt at the time of this writing is listed at over $22 trillion. Who here thinks that this amount of debt is even possible to pay off? It is ludicrous actually, current generations of government and citizens are living lavishly on the futures of unborn generations. It will all cave in one day, and it will be catastrophic when it happens. The mighty country the U.S. has become will be suddenly broke and the laughing stock of the world. Your Geoge Washingtons, Abraham Lincolns, and Benjamin Franklins will be nearly worthless. What will you do then? I honestly hope that we are not around to see it and even more I hope I am wrong about all of this but as the saying goes… ‘The writing is on the wall.’ Living debt-free directly relates to becoming virtually untraceable because paying with cash leaves little-to-no trail of evidence that others can track you.

The Neverending Invasion of Individual Privacy

Credit: Internet Society

Encryption backdoors

The moral of the story is to use encryption whenever/wherever you can; credit: Ze Robot
Map image courtesy of Google Maps

“For instance, reserves the right to collect much more information than just the typical demographic breakdown of gender, age and relationship status that most online services ask for.” — Seals, 2019, Threatpost

Featured Privacy Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures

Hardware Digital Privacy

Disassembly of the router revealed a hidden camera with a memory card; credit: South China Morning Post
Credit: How-To Geek (Hendrickson, 2019)


What a chipset might look like. Would you know how to spot if something were off-looking?
The guts of a Uniden manufactured cordless handset phone; credit: Gough’s Tech Zone
Nanotechnology has enabled microchips to be manufactured that are nearly invisible to the naked human eye; credit: Lanner
The supply “chain of trust;” credit: Lanner

Low-Tech Security: Evasion and Anonymity Tip

Credit: Owlcation (left) & YouTube (right)

***Trust No One. Verify Everything. Leave No Trace.***

Additional Privacy Resources




the salty chronicles of one bumbling infosec engineer’s lifelong quest to design less shitty privacy & security while trying his best not to blow up the planet

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the salty chronicles of one bumbling infosec engineer’s lifelong quest to design less shitty privacy & security while trying his best not to blow up the planet

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