Becoming Virtually Untraceable (Eps1.0_B4s!c_T3chn1qu3s.onion)

Liam Neeson in “Taken 3” image courtesy of Fandango
Image courtesy of CSO

1. Consider if it’s Worth Owning a Cell Phone

2. TAILS I Win, Heads You Lose!

3. Your Entire Life Fits On a USB Stick

4. Encrypt Everything!

5. Use a Virtual Private Network Every Time You Connect to the Internet

6. Scour the Internet for Your Personal Information on a Monthly Basis

7. Lock Your Credit Down.

8. Stay Clear of All Social Media

9. Use “Old School” Tactics

10. An Entire Industry Collecting Data on You

11. Enemy of the State?

Will Smith & Gene Hackman in the movie Enemy of the State. Image courtesy of

12. Don’t Save Data Locally, Instead Use Cloud-based Services

In Closing

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